EXOMARS organization
ESA mission
Involved organizations:
CNES, ASI, DLR, Science and Technology Facility Centre (UK), Education and Science Ministry (Spain), National Space Institute of the Technical University (Denmark)

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EXOMARS Organization

Cooperations - partnership

In 2008, CNES signed a multilateral agreement (IMA) between ESA and the six major entities financing most of the ExoMars instruments (CNES, ASI, DLR, STFC (Science and Technology Facility Centre, UK), the Education and Science Ministry (Spain) and the National Space Institute of the Technical University of Denmark).

This agreement defines the terms and conditions for the project, the development, the production and the delivery of these instruments to ESA. Moreover, it establishes respective responsibilities for the integration and instrument operations in the framework of the ExoMars mission (including the data policy).

For CNES, five instruments are the subject of this agreement: WISDOM, MicrOmega, EISS, ARES and SEIS. CNES will ensure the validation and delivery to ESA of these instruments (including all the hardware and software elements needed to operate the instruments during the different phases of the mission). The instruments will be defined, developed, produced, calibrated and tested following the applicable specifications (as defined in the Agreement text). CNES will then supply the necessary support during subsequent phases (integration, in-orbit commissioning, operations) and will distribute to ESA the scientific data in accordance with the terms defined by the data policy.

ESA, through the Aurora-ExoMars programme, will ensure overall mission management (definition, development, production, integration, tests and operations). It will also ensure the scientific data distribution to the international scientific community.

In-house organization

The project manager and the head of scientific instruments development belong to DCT/PO/PM department. They will rely on technical support from other DCT departments (mainly DCT/AQ, DCT/SB and DCT/TV); these will recieve precise indications accordance to their respective work specialities.


In addition to the French instrument contributions, CNES also plays the role of Prime Contractor Assistant for the ESA project group by providing a technical support team mainly centered around the lander entry into the Martian atmosphere, and the delivery of the rover's vision-navigation algorithms. This intervention will be facilitated by the presence of CNES agents who will join the ESTEC project team. The nature of CNES' services concerns the following areas:

  • The delivery to ESA, without funds exchange, of the vision and navigation softwares for the Martian Rover for the ExoMars mission and the corresponding technical support to relay their usage to the industrials partners of the ExoMars contract;
  • The expertise for Esa's project to take into account the technical aspects for the entry / descent / landing phases, mainly:
    • Environment specification,
    • Aero-thermodynamics,
    • Control / guiding equipments,
    • Heat shield,
    • Parachutes,
    • Airbags,
    • Pyrotechnic elements,
    • Flight dynamics during the entry phase.

Latest update 18/09/2008

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